Envelomat 1.2.80

Envelope printer including envelope templates


  • Library of standard envelopes and graphics envelopes designer.


    Envelope printing software with envelope designer including envelope templates. Import from CSV,TXT,XML,DBF,FDB,MDF,MDA,DB..

    Software for envelope printing, including graphics editor of envelopes based on Firebird transactional database allowing safe local or remote connection. Contains library of standard envelopes in international and USA address writing formats. You may import addresses from: XML files (*.XML), CSV files (*.CSV), TXT files (*.TXT), DBase files (*.DBF), Firebird database (*.FDB), Microsoft SQL database (*.MDF), Microsoft Access database (*.MDA), Interbase (*.GDB), Paradox files (*.db). Integrated envelope designer allows you to create your own desing of envelopes including your own logo or background image. Automatic printer settings detection. This envelope printing software is designed for small business office or home.

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    Envelomat 1.2.80

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